Brand Management

The value inherent in a brand is of great importance to a services company. We have experience in all stages of brand management, from carrying out brand audits, to the formulation and execution of effective strategies to manage and nurture this important asset.

Brand Auditing

A brand audit is basically an assessment of the visual and commercial aspects of a brand and an interpretation of its likely impact on current and future performance. A brand audit takes a good look at some or all of the components that make up your brand.

So why do you need to carry out an audit? Well, perhaps inconsistencies have crept in during rapid company growth, or maybe a new direction is needed to overcome a plateau in profits. Perhaps the values you want to promote to your clients just aren't coming across as powerfully as you would like.

An audit usually involves informal or formal market research to find out how your customers feel about your company. A communications review would look at your advertising and promotion, sales collateral, and website. It seeks to obtain answers to some basic and strategically important questions. Are your messages clear and focused? Is your use of imagery appropriate and consistent? Are you using the right words and the right language? Do you have a defined tone of voice and a distinctive brand language?

We can advise on how to plan, structure, resource and execute a brand audit, so that clear objectives from the audit can be identified and delivered. Contact us for a free white paper on conducting a Brand Audit.

Brand Strategy

What do you want your brand to say to the market? How should the brand be positioned? What market segments must it appeal to most? There are many questions to be asked in developing a coherent brand strategy, whether for a new brand or indeed to revitalise an existing brand.

We have the expertise to review and focus the branding deployed by the organisation to maximise the benefits from customer perception.

Your brand is nothing less than your organisation's DNA - it deserves to be nurtured and treated with care!