There are many types of marketing campaign, from promotion of company awareness, brand recognition, product launch and promotion, to recruitment drives and even charitable involvements.

Yet often businesses lack the will to sustain a campaign, the patience to wait for market appreciation and response to develop, or the attention to detail to ensure all relevant channels are fully engaged in spreading the message.

Conversely, for a product launch, the imminence of a hard launch date is often not matched by the urgency displayed in some parts of the organisation.

The secret of a successful marketing campaign is to understand the message, develop a programme of co-ordinated communications, ensure the right media are used to deliver them, and that all staff understand and are behind the campaign.

We have solid experience of planning and executing all manner of campaigns, from product launches to recruitment drives, using both traditional and new digital media channels.

We are past masters at innovative strategies to deliver maximum exposure for minimum outlay.