One of the benefits of a long career is that you meet a lot of people, see a lot of products and capabilities, and work with a lot of companies. That experience is valuable, both to ourselves and to our clients.


We have built up a contact network of independent consultants whose work we appreciate and whose judgement we trust. We are happy to pass this on to the organisations we work for, and to make introductions or indeed to contract these resources directly as associates.

Software suppliers and integrators

Roger Emmens has led or particpated in selection exercises for various applications: Rating, Billing and Collection (pre-paid, post-paid and convergent); CRM; Mediation, Pre-sediation and Active Mediation; Intelligent Network - SCP; Web Portal Content Management; Commissions Management; Fault Management. He has also had cause to select office IT and operations outsource companies.

In addition, he has implemented solutions covering: Finance (General Ledger); e-Commerce (online shop); Logistics and Inventory Management; Element and Network Management; Trouble Ticketing; Provisioning.

And of course interfaced to several more (including many network elements).

This doesn't of course give right to recommend a particular product - one product may suit the circumstances of one service provider, but not so appropriately for another - but it does provide awareness of the market players, familiarity with how to run a selection exercise, and an understanding of how to get the best out of a supplier.

Roger has both run selections for, and managed deliveries from, many of the systems integrators in the market to deliver solutions. These include PWC, IBM, Logica, Cap Gemini and Servista; in addition he has worked as project manager for Sema (now Atos Origin), CSC and Cerillion. In general, the larger integrators all have sound experience, and the selection of the appropriate one is a balance of cost, how well you believe they understand your requirements, and how much attention you believe you will get from them after the sale is made.

All integrators can demonstrate experience as a company; the trick as a customer is to get appropriately experienced resources deployed on your project. Nevertheless Roger can advise on supplier competence and weaknesses.

In addition, Roger has worked with small suppliers to deliver bespoke solutions to individual requirements, and here he can recommend companies who have performed well for him in the past.

Agencies and other suppliers

Margaret Emmens has worked with many leading agencies and suppliers for advertising, brand management, PR, communications and media services, and has a keen appreciation for the processes involved both in selecting a preferred supplier and in getting the best out of an incumbent supplier. She is a highly astute commercial negotiator and can ensure the best deal.

Similarly, she has an extensive contacts network and is able to recommend individuals and companies, and to know who to ask for references and assessments of recent performance.

You cannot buy experience, but you can contract it!